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Don Evans Window Tint

 Welcome. With experience of over 30 years, we have been providing the best service in the state. Having thousands of satisfied costumers, we assure you quality in our service.

You will always receive the highest standard of service from our talented staff. Not only do the experienced technicians at Don Evans do an excellent job, but we also do it for a competitive price. We specialize in residential, commercial and auto tinting. When you hire us, you will have peace-of-mind knowing you are dealing with industry professionals with years of experience.


Window film provides a protective coat that shields the interior of your auto, home, or work environment from damaging sun rays. These rays damage things inside these environments, like fabric, carpet, plastic, wood, finishing etc. A window film coat provides firm protection against UV radiation, thus giving a soothing effect to interior spaces from the adverse effects of the sun.

Many things are thought of as stylish. One of these may be window tinting film. Window tinting film is much more than just style. It's about the safety and security of people as well as property.

UV radiation reaches us in the form of shortwave UVB and long-wave UVA rays, but glass blocks only UVB effectively. Although car windshields are partially treated to filter out UVA, the side windows screen only about 25% of the sun's UVA radiation (which is damaging to skin); rear windows are also unprotected leaving back seat passengers exposed. There is, however, a solution. Madico WINDOW FILM screens out 99% of UVB and UVA without reducing visibility. Some films will even screen 92% of infrared rays, which is the heat you feel!

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